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METEOTREK RAPID - a new tripod-mounted station

The new model of the mobile weather station, METEOTREK RAPID, which can be set up in the field within minutes.

A few days before the war, we introduced a new model of equipment - METEOTREK RAPID, based on the METEOTREK MOBI but with a different use case. The main difference of RAPID is its quick deployment in the field on a tripod for taking weather measurements. When an agronomist goes out into the field, they can set up the station and record weather data. After the measurements, they can plan their agricultural operations accordingly. The sensors are well protected with a metal casing, and the station can be assembled and disassembled in 2 minutes. It's highly compact for transportation by car.

The METEOTREK RAPID weather station measures temperature and air humidity, wind speed, and includes a built-in GPS receiver for precise location tracking.
The station connects to a 12 or 24V car cigarette lighter socket and includes a built-in battery that ensures the station's operation for at least 8 hours. The controller is housed in a special sealed box with a transparent cover to provide users, such as agronomists, access to its indicators to confirm power supply, satellite connection, and data transmission. The maximum height of the tripod is 1.5 meters.

METEOTREK RAPID is equipped with Bluetooth and provides the ability to locally view data using the METEOTREK MOBI mobile application for the Android platform. It can be used locally without sending sensor data to the METEOTREK server.

METEOTREK RAPID weather stations are in stock and can be ready for shipping within a few working days.

P.S. The photos of the preparatory process were taken in our office exactly one week before the start of the conflict, so we didn't have the opportunity to put the stations into full use for quality photography. The cost of the station is $680 USD with VAT, with a 15% discount that we offer to all customers until the end of the war, plus an additional month after its conclusion. The calculation is made at the NBU exchange rate. Support your domestic manufacturer!

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