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METEOTREK Functionality Update

Starting from October 7, 2020, the web interface of METEOTREK has introduced the following functionalities:

  1. Viewing all current and historical data, as well as short-term forecasts, not only for fields but also for specific weather stations.
  2. The ability to view multiple station indicators simultaneously in any combination.
  3. The new "Station Analysis" module, which calculates active and effective temperatures and the hydrothermal coefficient – important metrics for in-depth analysis and crop planning.
  4. The ability to view minimum, average, and maximum values for both fields and stations based on selected filters.
  5. Enhanced functionality of the electronic map, displaying key indicators for fields and weather stations.

This functionality is now available to all METEOTREK clients. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

In the near future, we will provide more detailed information on the use of effective and active temperatures, as well as the hydrothermal coefficient in the business processes of agricultural enterprises.