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METEOTREK in Viticulture

Our team is constantly exploring new opportunities to apply our product in various industries. While agricultural companies are the primary consumers of meteorological data, each agricultural sector has its specific needs—whether it's growing technical crops, orchards, beekeeping, or viticulture. Each of these fields has its key metrics and response scenarios to different weather phenomena and short-term weather forecasts. Viticulture and winemaking are no exception, as the analysis of weather data is crucial for achieving maximum yield efficiency and minimizing risks.

We recently spoke with our long-time friend and partner, one of Ukraine's most renowned winemakers, Bogdan Pavliy, the owner of Bohdan's Winery. He has been using our weather station and data for the third season now.
  • How does METEOTREK help you?
  • Firstly, it provides information on the sum of active temperatures, which is a key parameter for cultivating specific grape varieties. Additionally, I have data on precipitation, allowing me to plan when to irrigate the vineyard based on the variety's needs. These two parameters, provided by the station without additional processing, are instrumental in my work.
  • In addition to these two parameters, what data do you use?
  • I don't track humidity even though the station records it because it would require additional Artificial Intelligence that takes into account precipitation and temperature, providing forecasts for when specific pest treatments should begin. It would be beneficial to monitor soil moisture.
  • Please tell me, how do you analyze the data you receive: do you use third-party software that assists with forecasting, or do you rely solely on your own experience?
  • Unfortunately, I haven't been able to obtain German software that integrates station parameters and provides forecasts for plant pest treatments. Currently, I analyze the data based solely on my own experience. For instance, I know that if there is prolonged rain without sunlight, and it's warm, I can expect fungal issues on the third day.
  • What would you ideally like from a weather data service?
  • Ideally, I would like to receive forecasts from the system that indicate when it's necessary to treat the vineyard based on data from the station. For example, when there are disease risks, the system should alert me, indicating conditions like high humidity, lack of wind, and no sunlight, which are ideal conditions for fungal growth. In such scenarios, the system should proactively notify me that treatment is needed to prevent issues.
  • Fungal diseases, as far as we understand, are the most common problem for grapevines. What other challenges do you encounter?
  • Spring frosts are indeed another significant challenge, and it's great to hear that the weather station helps you with this issue. The temperature variation between your residence and the vineyard due to the elevation difference can be crucial. Being able to monitor temperature fluctuations and receive frost forecasts allows you to make timely decisions to protect your grapevines from potential damage. It's evident that the meteorological data provided by the station plays a vital role in your vineyard management.
  • What features would you suggest adding to the system?
  • It would be beneficial to track the sum of active temperatures since this parameter significantly affects the grape harvesting date. Grapes don't ripen based on a specific date but rather on the accumulated warmth they receive. If the summer is warm, then grape harvesting will occur earlier. Additionally, fluctuations between daytime and nighttime temperatures have a substantial impact on the quality of the grape material. (Note: This functionality is already implemented in METEOTREK as of the time of the interview.)
  • Would you recommend the METEOTREK system to your colleagues?
  • Yes, absolutely. I regularly recommend METEOTREK to my acquaintances because accurate meteorological data greatly contribute to a successful harvest and enhance the efficiency of our work.
Our team extends gratitude to Bogdan Pavliy for his recommendations on the development of the METEOTREK system for viticulture and his assistance in advancing the product in this field. We are always open to constructive dialogue aimed at improving the functionality of our product for users in various industries and sectors.