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Finally: METEOTREK - on your smartphone!

We are delighted to announce that the first release of the METEOTREK mobile application is now available for download! We had planned this release even before the start of the last season, but due to the war, we had to suspend work on the product. However, we have managed to rectify the situation, and now what most of our customers have been waiting for is available for use on both iOS and Android!

In the first release, the functionality for working with data from meteorological stations is available, namely:

  • Viewing the complete list of meteorological stations, including MOBI, with the ability to sort stations by distance from the smartphone's current location
  • Viewing current data for each meteorological station based on its equipment
  • Viewing historical data for each meteorological station for any period, including minimums, maximums, averages, and summarized values for any sensor

Authentication in the mobile application is done with the same accounts as in the web interface. Clients who use only the API can gain access by contacting our technical support or managers. The use of the mobile application is free for everyone until the end of the current year!

The development of the METEOTREK mobile application doesn't stop here, and in the upcoming releases, the following features will be available:

  • Working with fields, including short-term weather forecasts, analytics on active and effective temperatures, calculation of Growing Degree Days (GDD), and reporting
  • A multifunctional map module that displays fields with crops and meteorological stations, including the ability to work with MOBI in real-time, including online tracking
  • Several new features, which we will announce separately

We want to highlight that the mobile application is designed in bright colors, making it convenient to use in bright sunlight directly in the field.

We welcome feedback and constructive criticism from current and potential clients, so we look forward to your input. Together, we will make METEOTREK an even better Ukrainian product!