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The new version of www.meteotrek.ua

Starting a business in the field of meteorological monitoring in 2016, we understood that our product, METEOTREK®, was ahead of its time. Players in the agricultural industry understood the importance of weather data, but no one comprehended the significance of highly accurate meteorological indicators and how to integrate them into their business processes.

Most of the time, we talked not about our advantages but about why and for what purpose weather stations are needed.

It's pleasant that over these years, both we and the attitudes of our customers toward weather monitoring have changed.

Firstly, we have reasons to be proud and stories to tell.

Secondly, we have gained incredible experience in implementations and integrations.

Thirdly, we are not just a station manufacturer; we are transforming into a weather data service.

That's what our new online presence is all about. We plan to publish a lot of interesting content.

At the moment, the new website is published in Ukrainian only, but we plan to increase the number of languages in the future.

Stay with us!