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Visiting Continental Farmers Group

We recently visited our client, "Continental Farmers Group," which this year, after extensive testing, has fully integrated our mobile weather stations, METEOTREK MOBI, into their operations.

During the meeting, we discussed many issues that we have taken into account to strengthen our product and increase its importance and usefulness for businesses of any scale:

  • Building a global ecosystem of stationary and mobile weather stations for comprehensive meteorological monitoring.
  • Utilizing mobile weather stations in business processes for planning agricultural operations, depending on crop growth stages, previous weather conditions, and crop status, based on drone imagery analysis and short-term weather forecasts.
  • Developing special mounts for various types of sprayers and the possibility of expanding the METEOTREK MOBI solution with additional sensors.
  • Enhancing the functionality of mobile applications for convenient field data management.

All the information we gathered will be carefully processed and integrated into our system in the near future.

We appreciate "Continental Farmers Group" and especially Evgen Kornienko for their collaboration. It's great to work with companies willing to engage in mutual knowledge exchange since our main value lies in developing METEOTREK according to our customers' specific needs.