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The first Meteotrek station in Poland

The Poles have long proven that they are indeed the brothers of the Ukrainians! In difficult times, we know for sure that Poland's strong shoulder is there to lean on. So it would be strange if Meteotrek's European journey didn't start in Poland. We began working on this project at the end of last year, and only now can we officially announce that our first weather station is up and running in Poland.

In collaboration with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie, SGGW), we have initiated a project that will undoubtedly make Meteotrek even better and more valuable. It will also bring SGGW scientists closer to groundbreaking insights based on the analysis of a vast amount of accurate weather data.

SGGW is the oldest agricultural university in Poland and the fourth in Europe. It dates back to 1816 when the Agronomic Institute was founded, where future economists, managers, and landowners' children were educated. Today, its doors are open to 18,000 students pursuing knowledge across 38 different fields.
This tradition of installing the first weather station in a university, as was the case with NUBiP in Kyiv, where it continues to work stably, seems to be a good one. Well, Meteotrek, may success and recognition await you in the vast European family!