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Software Updates

Lately, our team has been working on updating the METEOTREK software with the following improvements:

  1. Global update of the METEOTREK portal API.
  2. An optimized administration system.
  3. Now, your company's administrator can send invitations for colleagues to register in the company and manage access to stations and fields.
  4. Improved data retrieval methods from the subscription station, including WEB, API, or WEB + API.
  5. Enhanced information display on the station card, providing more informative data.
  6. Faster station search and filtering (based on online/offline status).
  7. Changes to the "Field Settings" and "Available Station Information" modules.
  8. Improved historical data chart visualization.
  9. Added the option to view historical data in table format.
  10. Various usability improvements in the interface.
  11. Bug fixes that were reported to our Service Desk before March 15, 2021.

We continue to work on further enhancements